Auto Spa Car Detailing

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  • Eco Car Wash
  • Car Interior Enrichment
  • Car Deluxe Treatment - Interior + Exterior
  • Car Front Wind Shield Treatment
  • Tyre Dressor and Shine
Anti-Rust Treatment

Anti-Rust Treatment

Full under body cleaning with water and shampoo which removes all mud and dust.

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Deluxe Treatment

Deluxe Treatment

Full interior detailing (Dashboard, Door trims, Jambs, seat, Carpet and Roof)

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Interior Enrichment

Interior Enrichment

Each and every corner inside of car is cleaned using vacuum cleaner.

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Plastic and Rubber Parts Care

Parts Care Plastic and Rubber

We use high quality wax treatment for plastic and rubber parts

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Imagine your neighborhood garage. Now think of the coolest spa you have been to. Which is better? The Auto Spa has only one aim – to be the best experience you and your car can get!

Arising out of our passion for everything car, was born, The Auto Spa – A place for you, the car lover.

You love your car and want it to be showroom fresh, bring her to us. Ranging from Car wash and vacuum or paint correction, Interior sanitization or Interior protection, we can serve you with all this and much more to make her your pride.

Moreover we like to do our bit for the planet and thus only use bio-degradable products and eco-friendly technology.

With our commitment to your needs, attention to detail and cost effective techniques we ensure you and your baby (meant your car) will keep coming back for a rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

Schedule an appointment with us and experience the difference.


"We are glad the way our car is handled & serviced in a professional manner."
Shahrukh Patel | Puffs 'n' Rolls
"I am very much impressed by the staff's hard work and diligence in work in such a timely manner. "
Avinash B. Avhad | Universal Sales Corporation